Welcome to go local with us!

Hello, my name is Annabel and I am a qualified tour guide.

I am half Danish, half Australian. I have lived close to Copenhagen, Denmark for more than 20 years and have vast knowledge of Copenhagen and surroundings, and Denmark in general. 

I look forward to being your guide and to share our beautiful city of Copenhagen and/or surrounding areas with you on an enjoyable and memorable tour.

Annabel Voller

Qualified tour guide (Roskilde University)

MA in Culture, Communication and Tourism (Aalborg University)

Member of the official Danish “Tourist Guide Association”.

About The Guided Tours

Together we will explore up close the many different sights in or outside of Copenhagen city at a leisurely pace.

The tours will include fun anecdotes and historic insight into the places and areas that we pass on our way. Further, I will share my insight and personal experience into Danish culture and lifestyle.

Some tours focus on the must-see historic highlights of Copenhagen including royal palaces. Other tours focus on local neighborhoods or on Danish and international architecture along the Copenhagen harbour area, including cycle bridges, harbour pools and “hidden gems”.

On all tours there will be stops to take memorable photos.

On the longer half-day and full-day tours,  the focus will be on nature and/or historic areas beyond Copenhagen city. There will be time to taste Danish food, for example “Smørrebrød” (traditional Danish open sandwiches) and Danish pastry in an authentic Danish environment.

If you haven’t found exactly what you are looking for, then please don’t hesitate to contact us for a customized tour.

About your guide

My childhood was spent growing up mostly in Sydney, London, Vancouver, Copenhagen, Viborg, and lastly but not least Brussels.

I guess my international upbringing is to blame for my love for interacting with people from different countries and with different cultural backgrounds.

Hoving now lived in Denmark most of my adult life I have vast knowledge of Denmark and the Danish way of life. 

My guiding style is to share insight into Denmark through storytelling spiced with fun anecdotes where the aim is to give you an enjoyable and memorable tour. 

Why choose us?

  • Qualified guides: We only use fully trained qualified tour guides which is your guarantee for the best experience.
  • Quality:  You get complete and accurate information. A qualified tour guide has been through official training for guides, learning about various topics covering every aspect of local culture and life of an area. A qualified guide respects criteria about the quality of guiding and the accuracy of the information that is passed on.
  • Authenticity: What better than a local to give you the best tips and addresses! Local guides live and regularly visit the place where they work and can therefore become the perfect entry gate to discover the local culture and people. Your guide will easily recommend the best places to see, eat, go out, etc.
  • Adaptability: If you are passionate about architecture, gastronomy or history, the visits can be focused more on these topics. And it’s always possible to go «off the beaten track» for walks or bike rides, away from the crowds.
  • Accessibility: Understand and be understood. A qualified tour guide has a diploma for the language(s) in which he/she guides. This allows any visitor to avoid miscomprehension and misinterpretation.
  • Safety: In case of emergencies, a local guide can fluently speak to any authorities needed, knows what to do and which rules to follow.
  • Sharing: A guided visit is a discussion. Not only will you learn during your tour’s time, but you are also very welcome to pose questions. Your guide may also learn new things from you, talk more about the life of the inhabitants, highlight similarities or differences with your own place of origin.


Until early 2020, I worked as an international communications specialist in a large Danish company with contact to customers around the world. It was a great job, but something was lacking ... the personal contact with people.

After having also enjoyed more than 10 years's of organising holiday trips both in Denmark and abroad in my spear time, I made a life-changing decision in 2020 to work full time within the tourism sector. 

I signed up for the university study to become a qualified tour guide at Roskilde University, where I graduated in May 2021.


Since Summer 2021 I have enjoyed guiding tourists in Copenhagen and beyond. I love the personal contact with people from around the world and am grateful for all the positive feedback I get from the many tourists. 

I am looking forward to showing you around our beautiful city of Copenhagen and/or areas outside of the mainstream city centre, because Denmark has so much to offer.

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